Selling Process

Selling your property and buying a new one isn’t exactly an easy moving home process, but while it may be long-winded, it doesn’t mean that it has to be stressful. There are a lot of ways that you can make this process easier on yourself, and below, you’ll find a step by step process that simply makes sense.

Step 1

Contact us to look at your lending capacity. Do not contact your lender they do not need to know you are going to sell your home.

Step 2

Get your paperwork in order. The very first step is getting your finances in line so get your bank statements, payslips, p60s or Accounts etc.  Also find all that legal paperwork from when you bought your property.

Step 3

Find out the penalties. There could be penalties for paying back your mortgage early, so checking this out is important so you know where you are financially.

Step 4

Look at the local marketplace, have an idea of what you want to sell your house for so you know what money you have to help you buy your new property.

Step 5

Shop around for valuations. Having several valuations done on your home before choosing the asking price is essential – you can decide what you sell your home for.

Step 6

Find a good agent. You need one to be able to advertise on online portals like Rightmove.

Step 7

Stage the house. It’s all a show, so remove traces of you and add some pretty flowers – it’s time for the curtain to go up!

Step 8

Choose a solicitor, the right solicitor! Your conveyancing is going to be handled through a solicitor, so once you’ve accepted an offer, they’ll come on board with you.  Chose one you like speaking to, you should not feel a burden to them, you are a paying customer and a privilege to them.

Step 9

Accept an offer to sell your house, make an offer on your new property. Inform both us & your solicitors of this exciting news.

Step 10

We then apply for your mortgage on your behalf, issue all paperwork to the lender to assess.  They will then want to carry out a mortgage survey/valuation and providing they are happy with everything the lender will issue the mortgage offer to you, us & your solicitor.

Step 11

Your solicitor will iron out the details on both your sale and purchase and arrange a date to Exchange Contracts.  This is when you pay your deposit.  Also on this date you need to place your Buildings Insurance “on risk”. i.e. start the policy as you are liable for the property from this date.  A specific completion date will be chosen and this is the date you get your keys.  For new-build properties a completion date will not be announced until your property is completely built.

Step 12

Moving day, your solicitor will confirm when completion happens.  The estate agent will confirm you can collect the keys and you can officially walk into your new home. Tip – makesure everyone knows where keys are being left.

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Fees Disclaimer

We charge a combination of an initial fee of £250 on application and retain the commission received from the lender. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.