Moving Day

When you are selling your house and buying another one, you are up to your eyeballs in paperwork. This can put a lot of pressure on you to ensure that you are doing things at the right pace and pressure turns into stress. Stress turns into screeching and moving day is supposed to be exciting – not scary! So, with that in mind, you need some solid, sound moving day advice that is going to rock your world and get you ready for the big day, and here it is:


Start packing early, really early. You are selling a house, so you should start thinning down your belongings and getting them ready for packing. Even the most organised individual will end up rushed off their feet if they don’t pack early enough.


Stop hoarding. While you’re packing, anything you haven’t used or seen for the past six months needs to be sold, donated or added to the dump. You don’t need it in the new house!


List it. Where you can, list everything you pack and add a list of items to each box. While you’re there, label the boxes so that what you need is within easy reach.


Arrange babysitters. If you’re moving with children under foot, you’re going to be a lot more stressed than you think. Rope in family and friends and get them to babysit the kids while you do all the legwork.


Hire a moving company. If you REALLY don’t like packing and moving, you can budget for a company to pack your stuff, load it onto the van and move it to the new house for you.

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